Learning Outside of the Classroom

The OCMS Organic Gardening program, led by Holly Hill Farm Education Director Jon Belber, teaches students the importance of cultivating, growing, and harvesting organic crops, plants, flowers, and herbs. Planting, composting, soil composition, and harvesting techniques are part of the program as students tend to their very own organic garden.
The sensorial gardens, located near the Children’s House outdoor learning and play space, are planted and cared for by our younger students in our Children’s House Programs.
Students pick their own herbs and vegetables, often enjoying homegrown kale chips, spinach, and sampling the wide variety of vegetables grown in the OCMS organic gardens.

Our Small Fries Make a Big Impact

In the fall of 2015, OCMS, together with b.good restaurant located at the Derby Street Shoppes, created a special “seasoned French fry” menu item. The entire OCMS community and b.good patrons enjoyed the hard work of our young OCMS organic farmers.