The Board of Trustees brings a wide range of expertise to OCMS and shares a deep commitment to carrying on the vision that started many years ago. As an independent, non-profit corporation, our Board collaborates closely with the Head of School, teachers, and staff to ensure smooth operation.

Montessori Education

OCMS is dedicated to providing a Montessori education to children on Massachusetts' south shore and beyond.

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  • Sue Maloney, Classroom Assistant, Children's House A

    Sue has been teaching for almost 20 years—and 14 of those years have been right here at OCMS as a classroom assistant. “I love every day at OCMS because of the talented and supportive staff,  the active involvement of our families, and the delightful kids we teach.”
    Sue earned her elementary teacher certification from the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.
  • Sangeetha Vijey, Montessori Guide, Children’s House B

    Sangeetha Vijey began her Montessori journey at OCMS in 2006. She served as Associate Guide for 10 years, after which she trained at the Montessori Training Center Northeast, Hartford, CT and received her Association Montessori Internationale Diploma (AMI Primary) in June 2017. “With a passion to make a positive difference in young children, I felt a huge responsibility on my part to guide and serve children in the right manner with great humility,” says Sangeetha.

    Sangeetha graduated with a Masters Degree in History from the University of Madras, India. She is a trained Indian Classical dancer/teacher for over 45 years. She runs her dance academy in Framingham, MA to impart Indian classical dance training to aspiring students. She enjoys dance choreography and participates in several shows and fundraiser programs.
  • Margaret Fiander, Classroom Assistant, Children’s House B

    Margaret started as a classroom assistant at OCMS in 1995 after teaching home economics. She retired a few years ago and now she's back part-time as an assistant in Children's House D. 

    Margaret brings many years of Montessori experience to our school and a great love of teaching young children. We're so happy to have her back at OCMS.
  • Angela Sicuranza - Montessori Guide, Children's House C

    Angela has had a passion for working with children, ever since she was a little girl playing teacher with her sister and brother. Angela completed her training in 2016 at the Montessori Training Center Northeast, which is where she met Ms. Sangeetha. She simultaneously completed her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, at the University of Hartford. Angela has been dedicated to the Montessori mission since the completion of her training.
    Angela is very excited to join the team at OCMS. In her spare time you can find Angela traveling, reading, seeing a live concert, spending time with her family and friends, and enjoying any time with her dog Simba.
  • Heidi Lee, Classroom Assistant, Children’s House C

  • Megg Rowan, Montessori Guide, Elementary

    Megg’s Montessori background began right here at OCMS, where she started as a student. “My passion for learning and education started here and it is the perfect place to nurture that passion.” Megg brings over 10 years of experience to her elementary classroom, where she says children are allowed to grow and learn at their own pace.
    She has a degree in elementary education from Elon University and a Master of Education in reading from the American International College. She earned her International Montessori teaching diploma in lower elementary from the North American Montessori Center.
    In her free time, Megg enjoys reading, traveling, dancing, and spending time with her family.
  • Laura Brown, Classroom Assistant, Elementary

  • Mabel Kennedy, Spanish Speaking Classroom Assistant

    Mabel has been teaching Spanish at OCMS for nine years. “I love teaching language and culture to children through songs, games, dance, and storytelling,” she explains. She incorporates John Asher’s Total Physical Response method into her lessons, which coordinates language with physical movement.
    In her free time, Mabel loves spending time with her family, reading, playing sports, and hiking.
  • Lauren Higgins, Classroom Assistant

    After many years of volunteering in the classrooms at her own children's school, Lauren was thrilled to have the opportunity to join OCMS. “I really enjoy working with the kids and being able to witness their accomplishments,” says Lauren. “It is so rewarding to be a part of their early academic and social growth.”

    When not at school, she enjoys running, reading, and spending time with her husband and three children.
  • Susan Hebden, Classroom Assistant

    In her nine years as a classroom assistant, Susan has helped so many children, but she insists she’s learned just as much from them. “OCMS children have taught me the art of patience,” says Susan. “I watch them every day as they learn and grow to be more and more independent.”
    In her free time, Susan loves gardening, kayaking, and spending time with her family. She looks forward to spending each day with the children, listening to their stories, and sharing in their daily lives.
  • Elena Cesario - Day Care

    Elena has been at OCMS for over 17 years. She’s certified in early childhood education and previously worked in Children’s House, which enriched her understanding and appreciation of Montessori. “It’s been so special to be a part of this community—and so much fun teaching lifelong lessons in artistic ways.”
  • Joan DaSilva - Day Care

    From babysitting at the age of 11 to running a day care out of her home, Joan has always loved being around children. “Coming to work everyday and seeing all the smiling faces of all the children is so very rewarding.”
  • Tracey Buckeridge, Head of School

    Tracey started at OCMS in 1975—when she was 3 years old. She stayed through 4th grade, and her mother was president of the Board of Trustees for many years.
    Tracey received a degree in elementary education from St. Michael’s College, and completed her Montessori training in Perugia, Italy. She was a Children's House Teacher for over 14 years, taking several years off to raise her own children. All three of her children and many nieces and nephews attended OCMS. “I am very proud and happy to be the second Head of School.OCMS is my second home and my extended family. I can’t think of a more fulfilling career.” 
    When not at school, you can find Tracey and her family on the slopes or sailing on the waters around Hingham Harbor.
  • Nicole Gudmand, Assistant to the Head of School

    One of the first people you’ll see when you walk through the doors of OCMS is Nicole. She greets everyone with a smile and keeps the school office running smoothly.
    “There is such a sense of love, kindness, and appreciation from everyone here, which makes OCMS a place that I love to go every day,” says Nicole.
    When not at school, Nicole enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.